> Hi:
> I would like to know if you still actively maintain PDCurses,
> and/or if  you would
> like some help in bug fixes for it? I have posted a few bugs
> recently. I  would gladly
> submit a few small fixes as I encounter bugs.
> My interest in PDCurses may seem strange, as I use the Ada95
> programming language (GNAT). However, I would like to use
> PDCurses for win32 support, while using the normal curses/ncurses
> on the unix environments. My interest is in a Ada95 binding to
> curses that I have written. I am attempting to  provide
> a UNIX and win32 portable flavour of this language binding.  My
> background includes 15+ years experience of C programming (see my
> website below, for my list of published books).
> I have managed to link my Ada95 Curses binding with PDCurses
> under win32. Because Ada code is generally is very particular
> about correctness, I  have managed
> to discover some minor bugs along the way.  However, the
> combination looks promising and one that I would like to build
> upon. 
> Thanks, Warren.
> -- 
> Warren W. Gay VE3WWG
> http://home.cogeco.ca/~ve3wwg

Hi Warren,

Yes, I still maintain PDCurses.  I've had some email trouble over the last
few weeks, so have just been catching up; hence the tardiness in replying.
Any offers of bug fixes are welcome.  I'll try and gather your recent fixes
together and get them into a new 2.6 beta shortly.

BTW I've finally posted the documentation for PDCurses (in plain text) to
the Documentation link off http://pdcurses.sf.net.

Cheers, Mark

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