Hello there, I'm trying to use pdcurses with two windows (the code is/was encapsulated in a C++ class).

As this doesn't work, I've made some tries in the main() of my app, just trying to output a string. When outputing to standard string ( using addstr() for example) it works but the above code doesn't :

            WINDOW *tst;
  if (has_colors())

         * Simple color assignment, often all we need.  Color pair 0 cannot
             * be redefined.  This example uses the same value for the color
             * pair as for the foreground color, though of course that is not
             * necessary:
        init_pair(1, COLOR_RED,     COLOR_BLACK);
        init_pair(2, COLOR_GREEN,   COLOR_BLACK);
        init_pair(3, COLOR_YELLOW,  COLOR_BLACK);
        init_pair(4, COLOR_BLUE,    COLOR_BLACK);
        init_pair(5, COLOR_CYAN,    COLOR_BLACK);
        init_pair(6, COLOR_MAGENTA, COLOR_BLACK);
        init_pair(7, COLOR_WHITE,   COLOR_BLACK);

Nothing is displayed...

What is wrong ? I've read the ncurses documentation, done several tests and it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong ?


PS : platform is win32 - Compiler is VC7 (non managed application) - pdcurses is 2.60-1 used from a dll (curses.dll) - pdcurses compiled by somebody else (but I've tried with my own compiled lib and had no result, link errors so I gave up)

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