PDCurses 2.7
            (Public Domain Curses for DOS, OS/2, X11 and Win32)


 Hello all. As of a few weeks ago, I'm the new maintainer for PDCurses.
 Here's a brief summary of changes in this release. (More details are
 available in the CVS log and trackers on SourceForge.)


- Functions: delscreen(), getattrs(), has_key(), slk_color(),
  wcolor_set(), wtimeout().

- Macros: color_set(), mvhline(), mvvline(), mvwgetnstr(), mvwhline(),
  mvwvline(), timeout(), wresize().

- Stub implementations of terminfo functions (including a term.h).

- More stubs for compatibility: filter(), getwin(), putwin(),
  noqiflush(), qiflush(), scr_dump(), scr_init(), scr_restore(),
  scr_set(), use_env(), vidattr(), vidputs().

- The terminal's default colors are used as curses' default colors when
  the environment variable "PDC_ORIGINAL_COLORS" is set to any value
  (Win32 only at the moment).

- Simplified build system.

- Replaced PDC_STATIC_BUILD with its opposite, PDC_DLL_BUILD (see .mak
  files for more info).

- Minimal implementation of color_content() -- no longer a stub.

- Added the remaining ACS defines (ACS_S3, ACS_BBSS, etc.) for
  DOS/OS2/Win; "enhanced" versions of existing ACS characters used.

- Support for scroll wheels.

- Support for Pacific C.


- Builds correctly (including demos) on all tested platforms (see
  below); nearly all compiler warnings have been cleaned up; the ptest
  demo is built on all platforms; "clean" targets are improved.

- The ability to build ncurses_tests has been restored (see demos dir).

- Line-breakout optimization now defaults to off (equivalent to
  "typeahead(-1)"), so output is not interrupted by keystrokes (it's
  supposed to resume on the next refresh(), which wasn't working).

- Implicit wrefresh() in wgetch() was not being invoked in nodelay mode.

- subpad() was erroneously offsetting from the origin coordinates of the
  parent pad (which are always -1,-1).

- In wborder(), whline(), and wvline(), the current (wattrset) attribute
  was being used, but not the current background (wbkgd).

- Allow Russian 'r' character ASCII 0xe0 to be returned.

- termattrs() now also returns A_UNDERLINE, A_REVERSE.

- In Win32, with large scrollback buffers set, there was an unwanted
  "scrollup" effect on startup.

- Revamped keyboard handling for Win32.

- New screen resize method for Win32.

- napms(), delay_output(), etc. now work with Cygwin.

- curs_set(0) wasn't working in Win32 in full-screen (ALT-ENTER) mode --
  the cursor stayed on.

- The A_REVERSE attribute was broken in XCurses.

- On 64-bit systems, XCurses was ignoring every other keystroke.

- Added focus hints for XCurses.

- Demos (except for tuidemo) once again have their proper titles in
  XCurses (using Xinitscr() instead of the obsolete XCursesProgramName).

- The 16-bit chtype is a working option again (by removing #define
  CHTYPE_LONG from curses.h), except in XCurses. It's not recommended;
  but if your needs are limited, it still works.

- Reset screen size in resetty() under DOS, as in Win32 and OS/2.

- Changes for cursor size under DOS.

- Automatic setting of BIOS mode for CGA under DOS now works.

- The cursor is now always updated in PDC_gotoxy(); this fixes the
  problem of missing characters in BIOS mode.

- Macros nocbreak(), cbreak(), nocrmode(), crmode(), nodelay(),
  nl() and nonl() now return OK.

- ERR and OK are now defined as -1 and 0, respectively, for
  compatibility with other curses implementations -- note that this
  change is not binary compatible; you'll have to rebuild programs that
  use shared/dynamic libraries.

- Added "const" to prototypes where appropriate.

- Miscellaneous code cleanup.


 Walter Briscoe
 Jean-Pierre Demailly
 Ruslan Fedyarov
 Warren Gay
 Florian Grosse-Coosmann
 Vladimir Kokovic
 Matt Maloy
 K.H. Man
 Michael Ryazanov
 Ron Thibodeau
 Alexandr Zamaraev

 and of course, MARK HESSLING, for his over 13 years of service as the
 maintainer of PDCurses. Plus, thanks to all who've reported bugs or
 requested features. Apologies to anyone I've forgotten.

 I've tested this version on Turbo C++ 3.0 and Borland C++ 3.1 for DOS;
 DJGPP 2.X; Open Watcom 1.3 for DOS (16 and 32-bit), Windows and OS/2;
 EMX 0.9d and the "newgcc" version of EMX; Borland C++ 5.5 for Windows;
 recent versions of MinGW, Cygwin, LCC-Win32 and Microsoft Visual C++;
 and gcc under several flavors of Linux, Mac OS X, *BSD and Solaris.

William McBrine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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