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> On Thu, 19 Jan 2006, I wrote:
>> There isn't really any specific support for the Amiga in
>> PDCurses. I'm not sure why it was listed in the README in 2.5 and
>> 2.6 (I've asked Mark),
> OK, Mark found an Amiga port from the 2.4 era. I've put it up in the
> 2.4 section on SourceForge (amiga-port.tar.gz). It seems very
> incomplete. I haven't tested it, and I can't read the .info files yet
> (gotta set up UAE again, I guess). Presumably you'd extract the
> original 2.4 archive first, then this on top of it.

I'm not sure if it's the same on Amiga, but on AROS, the .info files
are icons as well as other meta information for other files.

All informations should be text files, possibly formatted in
AmigaGuide (which look, at first glance, something like texinfo

Other than that, thanks, I'll take a look ;)


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