Would a blinking cursor help? If so, look in the documentation for the
X11 Resource: cursorBlinkRate. I set the cursor to blink every 1/2
second ( cursorBlinkRate: 500) in THE.

Cheers, Mark

On Tue, 2010-12-07 at 11:40 +0100, John P. Hartmann wrote:
> Maybe I should offer some background:  I'm writing a tn3270 client and
> now converting from ncurses to XCurses because I could not get the
> shift state in ncurses.
> Reason is I've been using IBM's PCOM ever since my real 3270s were
> scrapped because their controller was not year 2k compliant.  I'm now
> using Fedor13 instead of windows, so PCOM is no longer an option (and
> vmplayer/xorg expose bugs that make this combination a non-starter).
> In the 3270 world, a field has a foreground colour and highlighting
> attributes, among which is reverse video.  These highlight attributes
> are mapped directly to the curses attributes.  Thus, the white reverse
> is a colour pair of (white, black) and the reverse video attribute.
> It looks like my default cursor is a solid white block that obscures
> the lower half of the character cell, irrespective of the foreground
> colour.
> In testcurs, the colour is white on blue and the cursor is yellow,
> which seems to indicate that the cursor is the reverse colour of the
> background irrespective of reverse video.  With XCurses I can have an
> additional eight colour pairs to cater for reverse video so that the
> cursor is always visible.
> I'm doing 3270, by the way.
> Looking at the demo, I realise that the cursor colour is the reverse
> of the background colour in the colour pair, but ignoring the reverse
> video attribute (maybe the code should be fixed to take the reverse
> attribute into account?).
> Anyway, I changed the implementation of 3270 reverse video to select a
> colour pair that is the reverse of the foreground colour.
> My only remaining gripe (in this department, at least) is that the
> half-size cursor obscures the lower half of the character.  The full
> cursor does reverse video, presumably because nobody would wear seeing
> a completely obscured character.
> Is there any reason curs_set(1) could not work the same way as
> curs_set(2)?  To my untrained eye it would appear that doing the same
> thing, but only for half the height would simplify the code in
> _display_cursor in x11.c.  Is this correct?
>    j.
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> From: John P. Hartmann <jphartm...@gmail.com>
> Date: 7 December 2010 08:17
> Subject: Re: [PDCurses] cursor on white background is invisible (xcurses)
> To: Bill J Gray <pl...@projectpluto.com>
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> If I understand you correctly, curs_set() alters the bitmap used for
> the cursor, but not its colour.  So whether it is 1 or 2, it will
> still be invisible when put on a blank painted on a white background.
> Is that correct?
>   j.
> On 6 December 2010 16:04, Bill J Gray <pl...@projectpluto.com> wrote:
> > Hi Warren,  John,
> >
> >> But that is hardwired into your terminal/emulator.  Curses cannot change
> >> the way your cursor works.
> >
> >   Under XCurses,  it _could_,  because it's not a "for-real" terminal;
> > it's a GUI window.  I've been working on a Windows GUI flavor of PDCurses
> > which allows for blinking cursors and such.
> >
> >   But as presently implemented,  I'm reasonably sure that you can have
> > three types of cursors:  an underscore,  a solid reversed block,  or no
> > cursor at all.  These are all set using the curs_set() function.  (Pause
> > to rummage through docs...)
> >
> >   curs_set() alters the appearance of the text cursor. A value of
> >   0 for visibility makes the cursor disappear; a value of 1 makes
> >   the cursor appear "normal" (usually an underline) and 2 makes
> >   the cursor "highly visible" (usually a block).
> >
> >   Hope that's what you're looking for.  The alternative would be to
> > fix up XCurses to allow for some more flexibility here.  Which would be
> > a wonderful solution,  and I may even tackle that problem myself,  but
> > it's not a short-term kind of solution.
> >
> > -- Bill
> >


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