Hi John,

   I may have shot off my mouth too quickly.  My experience is mostly
with the DOS,  Windows,  and my own Win32a (Windows GUI) flavors of
PDCurses.  In these,  the cursor always just inverts colors,  and
blinks.  The only difference between curs_set(1) and curs_set(2)
is that the former causes the bottom line of the character cell to
blink,  whilst the latter causes the entire cell to blink.  (And
curs_set(0) shuts the cursor off.)

   SDL does the same thing,  except the cursor doesn't blink.

   Sounds as if XCurses fills the cursor block,  instead of inverting
it,  which would differ from the above cases.  (I only used XCurses
briefly,  some time ago.)  I'd think inversion would be greatly
preferable to filling.

-- Bill

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