Hello all,

   I've a request for comments from anyone currently using the Win32a
(Windows GUI) flavor of PDCurses.  This is described and downloadable from


   I regard it as almost entirely ready to just get merged in with the
other flavors of PDCurses,  except for one nagging issue that has been
reported by two users:  they have been seeing crashes when their software
exits.  That's at _exit_:   endwin() has been closed and in theory,
PDCurses is done doing anything it's going to do.

   This has happened in Windows 7.  I've been unable to duplicate it.  If
anyone else has seen this issue and can shed any light on it ("gee,  it
happens when I do X but doesn't when I don't do X"),  could you please let
me know off-list?

   You should probably try it with the latest and greatest version.  This
does fix a bug or two,  adds support for fourth and fifth mice buttons and
triple clicks,  hotkeys for changing the font size,  and so forth.

Thanks!              -- Bill

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