Hello all,

   I've updated my Win32a (PDCurses in a "for-real" GUI
window) page at


   and highly recommend that if you're using Win32a,  you get
the current version.  The most significant change is that Thomas
Cool directed me to a (rather embarrassing) bug that was causing
crashes when some Win32a-using programs closed.  But in addition,
there are a variety of small improvements,  including such
niceties as support for tilt-wheel mice (*) and triple mouse

   I do have hopes of getting this folded this into "official"
PDCurses eventually.  Just having this on a Web page of its own
has some shortcomings.  If you see any issues with the new
version,  please let me know;  I'd obviously like to clobber
all bugs before trying to merge things.  And we'll probably
want to change the name to "WinGUI" or "Winses" or something
like that.

-- Bill

(*) Tilt-wheel mouse support also exists in the development
version of "official" PDCurses for Win32,  SDL,  and XCurses;
I just borrowed what was going on there.

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