Hi Bill,

I've given this version a test on Windows 7 with THE and I'm happy to
say I'm no longer seeing the crashes when closing the window!

Good work! (and to Thomas for finding the bug).

Cheers, Mark

On Thu, 2011-07-07 at 22:25 -0400, Bill J Gray wrote:
> Hello all,
>     I've updated my Win32a (PDCurses in a "for-real" GUI
> window) page at
> http://www.projectpluto.com/win32a.htm
>     and highly recommend that if you're using Win32a,  you get
> the current version.  The most significant change is that Thomas
> Cool directed me to a (rather embarrassing) bug that was causing
> crashes when some Win32a-using programs closed.  But in addition,
> there are a variety of small improvements,  including such
> niceties as support for tilt-wheel mice (*) and triple mouse
> clicks.
>     I do have hopes of getting this folded this into "official"
> PDCurses eventually.  Just having this on a Web page of its own
> has some shortcomings.  If you see any issues with the new
> version,  please let me know;  I'd obviously like to clobber
> all bugs before trying to merge things.  And we'll probably
> want to change the name to "WinGUI" or "Winses" or something
> like that.
> -- Bill
> (*) Tilt-wheel mouse support also exists in the development
> version of "official" PDCurses for Win32,  SDL,  and XCurses;
> I just borrowed what was going on there.


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