Hello all,

   I have posted yet another update to the Win32a ("real Windows GUI") flavor
of PDCurses,  at


   Please let me know if you run into any issues.

   Specifically,  this version fixes a problem with Windows 7 that resulted
in very strange-looking windows;  and there is a font selection dialog
available so that one can select fonts other than the default Courier New.
(Some restrictions apply.  Some fonts lack extended characters required for
boxes and alternate character set symbols.  Many will work Just Fine,  but
don't have characters beyond ASCII 255... not a problem for some,  though,
and if you've been using SDL,  you've had that limitation all along anyway.)

   I've had several comments to the effect that having this just hosted on
my Web site is not ideal.  Next step will be to either get Win32a merged in
with "official" PDCurses,  or failing that,  put it on GitHub or SourceForge
as a fork.

-- Bill

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