Hello all,

   I have posted a pretty significant update to the Win32a flavor of PDCurses:


   In particular,  I fixed some problems caused by the fact that by default,  
Win32a window was user-resizable.  The only other flavor of PDCurses for which 
is true is the X11 one,  and there are plenty of programs out there (including 
of the demo ones) that don't handle user resizing.  In Win32a,  if the user 
a window and the resulting KEY_RESIZE message wasn't handled,  you could get 
or crashes.  I fixed this.

   But I then made non-user-resizable windows the default.  If you want to have
user resizable windows,  you have to set

ttytype[0] = 1;

   before calling initscr().  This essentially makes the promise to Win32a:  
it's OK for users to resize the window;  I'll handle the KEY_RESIZE event 

-- Bill

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