Hello everybody,

      PDCurses Portability interress me, although MS Windows does not 
interress me at all! But now, I want to build a software emulating a 
processor (the MC6801) running the monitor program "Lilbug" and my friends, 
if not the rest of the world, use MS Windows.

      I roll Opensuse 12.2 KDE3.5 and had to search the net, for finally be 
able to compile PDCurses, with these added libraries:
  libICE-devel, libxaw6, libXaw8, libXpm-devel, libSM-devel, libXext-devel,
  libXt-devel, libXmu-devel libXaw-devel-32bit libXaw8, libxmu6-32bit
  libxaw7-32bit-32bit libxaw6, libXaw-devel-32bit-32bit libxmuu1,
  libXmu-devel-32bit-32bit libXt-devel, libX11-devel-32bit

      Finally the X11 directory was generously topped with object files, and 
these executables:
      My first problem: when I run one of these commands from a 
terminal "Konsole", another window opens, where nothing is happening, and 
system resources are stretched, occupying one of the cores to 100%. Could 
someone tell me, please, how to finish correctly and test the installation?

      In "Lilbug", as in so many other monitor-debuggers, I should replace the 
expectation of a character from an RS232 terminal by routines in C waiting 
for a caracter typed by the user in a PDCurses terminal. I wish I could write 
a non-blocking routine "is a character available?" that returns the character 
if available, and another displaying the characters passed as a parameter, 
assuming that the emulated terminal will execute the "\r" and "\n" as did 
teletype in 1970. And thus arises the echo / time problems and others needs 
of X terminals. My second question is: would there sample source code to meet 
my "so basic" needs? Please, note that I do not need any (for the incoming 
caracters) buffering, meaning that some incoming caracter(s) could be lost…

      Thank you for the attention you have brought to this email.

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