Some of the programs I've recently tried to build with pdcurses are
using stdbool.h and its definition of bool.  There's code in
pdcurses.h that attempts to work-around the situation in C++ where
bool might already be defined.  However, don't see anything to deal
with the issue for C.  Has anyone else hit the problem and does anyone
have suggestions for work-arounds?

I can add a fix to pdcurses similar to what was done for C++, but that
only works for programs using pdcurses.  It doesn't work if you
attempt to use the pdcurses.h header when building pdcurses itself.
In that case, it will temporarily redefine bool to _bool and then
undefine it at the end of the header.  The pdcurses C files would then
also need bool redefined to _bool in order to compile.  Was thinking
it might be easier to check if bool is already defined and only define
it if it isn't.  However, that might break binary compatibility for
builds using the compiler's definition of bool and programs expecting
bool to still be unsigned char.

If anyone has any ideas for work-arounds or fixes, would be very
interested in hearing them.  Thanks.


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