On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 10:15 PM, Mark Hessling wrote:
> That would be me. Remember at the time I did the X11 port autotools were 
> quite primitive. Maybe it is time to replace a lot of the custom autotools 
> stuff with more standard procedures.

Relating my own experiences, I've been switching applications and
libraries to use CDetect, make and pkgconf instead of the standard GNU
autotools or cmake.  I find that much easier to work with than the
many other build options I've been researching and trying.

There is some basic documentation at:

I have several patches to CDetect to work with pkg-config and provide
other features I needed.  They may eventually get integrated into this
version ( https://github.com/IngwiePhoenix/cDetect ) of CDetect as

You can find a link to my patches for CDetect at
http://www.distasis.com/cpp/lmbld.htm.  Just click on the archive link
and look for the files with cdetect in their name.  The original
source I'm using is in the file:
cdetect-git-8245c9591104ce4541e6dc6d2f4be041d9970a8b.zip.  My build
files and patches are in cdetectbld.zip.  A Windows (mingw and msys)
build script (shell script) generated from my build files is in
cdetectbldmingw.zip.  It creates a tarball (
cdetect-20100612-i686-1w32.tgz ) with files ready to install  (using
package manager or general extraction tools like tar or 7zip) on my

Once the Win32 updates get added into the latest version of pdcurses,
I'll look into updating my SDL2 patches to work with the latest
version of pdcurses and will try to submit those patches.  I've been
using them on and off for a while now and they seem stable.

Also, I've been doing some testing of libmenu and libform.  May still
need patching in some areas and there are some differences between
applications using ncurses with built in libmenu/libform support and
applications using pdcurses with libmenu and libform.  So, you can't
typically take an application using libmenu, libform and ncurses and
port to pdcurses without a few modifications necessary.  However, not
all ncurses applications work with pdcurses without a few
modifications either.  Hope to make the code/patches for them
available as well.

PDCurses SDL2 port and SDL 1.2.x port currently use just a make file
with switches.  I was considering whether or not to introduce CDetect
into the build process.  Didn't want to make too much of a change to
how things worked though.  I could probably create one CDetect program
that would work for any of the builds, SDL, SDL2, X11, Win32, Win32
console.  Some programs/libraries offer multiple ways to build them
using tools such as cmake and GNU autotools.  So, if having another
build option for pdcurses would be useful, I could write a
CDetect/make/pkgconfig option for pdcurses.  If this would be useful
to anyone besides myself, please let me know.  To date, I've been
attempting to diverge as little as possible from the official pdcurses
code and makefiles.


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