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>>> CDetect
>> Does that thing require installation of new tool?
> No just 3 include files (C files).  One could even possibly distribute
> them with pdcurses if desired.

Correct me if I wrong, but this is a ./configure done in C?

And actually I don't understand what "a tool to help you configure
projects" really means, because I am not familiar with autoconf
(that's why I asked the question in the first place). So I see that C
files already have #define mechanism inside, but it looks like C
compilers can not agree what #define's to set and what do they mean.
That's why users need to create #defines themselves and define the
meaning for them. Am I right?

Is there any attempt to define standard set for those #define's and
their meaning across compilers?

Then tools like autoconf are used to detect which #define is correct
for specific system and set its value accordingly. Right? This is made
by perl script named ./configure. Right? What is the role of cDetect
then? Is it a C program that does the job of Perl ./configure?
anatoly t.

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