>>The part number is PQXA36ASVC and are UKP 7.50 each. Direct order line is 
>>01280 823 523 (UK telephone) if this helps anyone.
>The updated part number is PQXA36SVC and are UKP 11.34 each. Fortunately 
>the suppliers are giving me credit for the wrong parts after I mail them 
>back. The new ones should arrive tomorrow and hopefully will be the 
>correct size and configuration.

The above information is wrong! The new ones arrived and, of course, are 
the wrong size and shape...

I spoke to a very nice lady in Panasonic Battery Dept and she told me the 
guy I really needed to speak to was at a conference in Belgium (ah - 
*that's* why people go to Belgium ;-) and would be back in a couple of 
days. I shall speak to him then.

The whole point of this is to try and achieve a cost-effective method of 
renewing components that wear out much quicker than most other 
components. In the end, I may have to write out my cheque for 95 bucks, 
or the UK equivalent (seemingly twice as much as anything US, by default) 
and send it to Pentax to be done. But all they will do is pull four NiCad 
packs off a shelf and install them in much the same way I could. I just 
need access to those NiCads, or their equivalent. Cost will be minimal, 
it is my time, which I don't have to pay for, and I can do it in an hour, 
instead of waiting days. Of course it's now taking days merely in the 
discovery process, but this is a first attempt, and so a bit of R and D 
time wastage is to be expected.



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