Hi Shel,

I use an Olympus XA-2. It's very small, has a sliding cover for the 35mm 
f3.5 Zuiko, built-in lens which means it really does fit in a pocket, has 
a fully de-mountable flash, 3-setting focus, ISO dial-in from 25-800, 
self-timer, very quiet electronic shutter. Where I go, it goes.

The Olympus XA is a better-specced camera, and if I ever get around to it 
I would get one, but the little XA-2 just soldiers on.



>I'm looking for a small, pocketable, full-frame 35mm camera, perhaps
>a bit smaller than the Canon GIII.  Requirements are:
>Minimal features (built-in meter that can be overridden would be
>Quiet, unobtrusive operation
>Minimum shutter lag - prefer focal plane shutter w/up to 1/1000
>No pop-up flash, red-eye reduction, etc.
>Good build quality
>No autofocus
>Any suggestions?

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