> You might want to do as I did: Spend a couple weekends as follows:

Hi Paul ...

Ive downloaded everything that was of interest on Gandy's site. 
Thanks for all the other pointers.

> The Leica CL, Minolta CLE, and Contax G are not pocketable. Shel already
> has a great interchangeable-lens rangefinder (Leica M3); he is looking now
> for a fixed-lens compact. 

I've recently had the good fortune to get an M2 as well.  BTW, both
cameras will fit in my jeans' pocket with the 35mm Summicron, and
will also fit into several shirt pockets (I look for shirts with big
pockets).  On that basis the CL and CLE are definitely pocketable,
but, really, I'm looking for something smaller and cheaper.

Thus far, it seems that the Canon GIII and the Olympus 35RD are the
cameras that will be hard to beat.  I already know how the canon
fits and works for my needs and preferences, and the RD seems like
it may work well too.  I may end up staying with something of their
size ... but the search continues.
> As I did for Pentax lenses, I've been building a huge table of specs,
> ratings, and comments on cameras such as these. It's on 11x17 paper in
> FrameMaker, but if you'd like I can PDF it and send you the PDF to read
> onscreen or to print (if you can find a tabloid-size printer.

Please PDF it ands send it to me - if it's not too much trouble. 

Shel Belinkoff
"... there is no point in pressing the shutter 
unless you are making some caustic comment 
on the incongruities of life" - Phillip Jones Griffiths
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