When Sara and I were heading up to the bridge yesterday to take photos, I saw the garter snake chilling on the shoulder of the road. I stuck him in my cargo pocket to use as a prop and to help him retain his three dimensional qualities. And, yes, the obligatory comments about the snake in my trousers were made. I guess he liked the warmth, because he was totally content to just hang out there. After going through the photos for Sara, and having dinner, before I let him go, I posed him for photos with Irving. Long story short, my sister found Irving when she was working on a cattle drive many years ago and brought him home for me. I think that as a background he nearly works for making such a friendly and mellow little snake look almost menacing.

K-1, Tamron 90/2.8 macro  ISO 320 f/4 1/50

C&C as always are appreciated. For those that are interested, here's the rest of the set:

The pictures were shot using a 14W LED bulb maybe a foot away as the key, a bit of aluminum foil as a gobo to keep light off the background, and room lights as fill.
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