Daniel J. Matyola wrote:
As summer draws to a close, my hibiscus plants are fading fast, but their
cousins, the Rose of Sharon bushes, are in full bloom:


Lovely flower, perfectly sharp, colors look perfect.

One quibble and a couple of questions:
To my eye, it would probably look better if most of the dead space to the right was cropped so that the flower was facing into the frame. That would put the tip of the stamen(? pistil?) at about the upper right one thirds composition point.

Could you boost the "white" slider just a titch, or maybe the exposure and contrast to make the high tones pop a bit more without losing detail, or brightening up the dark background too much?

How would this look in black and white, particularly if you brought the green channel down a bit? You might get some nice levels of tonality with the stamen/pistil bright, the petals a light grey and the background dark grey/black. Or, it might look like crap.

K-5 IIs, DA 18-135
Comments always appreciated.

Dan Matyola

Larry Colen  l...@red4est.com (postbox on min4est) http://red4est.com/lrc

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