Thanks, Bruce, Alan, Larry and David for your comments.

Larry, I like your comments about cropping it and using the white slider.

Alan, it is certainly related to the hibiscus (I called it a cousin), and
is in the hibiscus genus, but is quite different in culture and appearance
from the tropical hibiscus (Chinese Hibisacus, Hawaiian hibiscus or
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis):  , or the modern hardy
hibiscus plants, that die back to the ground in winter in our climate zone.

Rose of Sharon, *Hibiscus syriacus,* is a hardwood and a  hardy
<> deciduous
<> shrub
<> or tree that loses it leaves in
winter but retains its truck and branches, and thus grows rather large if
not pruned.  Both are spectacular in bloom.

In answer to Bruce's query "btw, what month is Spetember?", the answer is
the month of bad spellers.  <G>  It is the ninth month in our calendar, but
it was the seventh month in the Roman calendar, hence the inappropriate
(today) name.

Dan Matyola

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 2:38 PM, Daniel J. Matyola <>

> As summer draws to a close, my hibiscus plants are fading fast, but their
> cousins, the Rose of Sharon bushes, are in full bloom:
> K-5 IIs, DA 18-135
> Comments always appreciated.
> Dan Matyola
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