LOvely shot, Jack

and the kinda scene Iwish I were in now


On 10/13/2016 2:29 PM, Jack Davis wrote:
Thanks for comments, Malcolm!
I could possibly still be using the K10D, but
I hope my wife doesn't find out.
I just "HAD" to have more and more pixels..right?


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Jack Davis wrote:

One of my first digital SLR shots. Taken in Jan '06 with my new K10D.
A foggy morning along the Sacramento river. Was completely socked in when I
arrived, but after a bit of chilly patience, the fog began to clear.
Wanted to leave the left shore pines just faintly visible.
Ten plus years ago, but I can still feel the quiet damp fog and sense my
shiver of excited anticipation.
Still had my manual M lenses and don't recall for certain, but think it was
probably shot with a well used one-touch Pentax 28-80.



I really like these sort of images, and we're coming up to the time of year
where I hope to bag some more. Worth the walk in the fog Jack!

I still use my *ist D from time to time (when I travel to a rough area), and
I'm still happy with results; it is easier though with a 24 or 36 MP camera.


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