It was sufficiently hairy in broad daylight...

I consulted journal - it was May 28th, 1990 after I had won the expert division at the Mermorial day weekend Scrabble tourney. I owe that to Richard being with me, and the two highest rated players dropping out of tourney because they felt the field wasnt' strong enough and they were in danger of a ratings decrease. I thanked themfrom the podeum when I collected my booty. Seriously, it was the only important expert div tourney I ever won... and it got me into the premiere division of a rally important tourney in the Bosta ARea the next year... whare i came in last - hehe. but it was a moment.

I digress...

Tameron resort is in Purgatory (the town of, really) and somewhat north of Durango... we started out from there and I note 550, to 62 to 145 as roads taken to get to La Salle Junciton in Utah) Scary as hell- even in broad daylight. I must not have gotten any keeper shots along the way because the two boxes ofslides that covered that day are tightly packed 36 exposure rolls and have no little marks on the framesbut I'm curious now and will ahve to actually look at them later.

the resort was pretty luxurious, nothing we could normally afford, but one of the managers of the resort was an avid Scrabble player and we had fabulously low rates for the weekend ...


On 10/16/2016 12:22 PM, Jack Davis wrote:
The passes in that area were hairy and still solidly packed with stretches of 
snow and some ice.
A four wheel drive SUV gave me just enough "courage" to gingerly creep through 
it all and deliver us (wife and I)
to Telluride for breakfast.


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There's a Colorado Scenic By-way that follows US 550 from Durango to
Ridgway, CO 45 across to Placerville and then CO 145 down to Cortez. If
you leave Durango in the morning; spend an hour or two wandering around
Silverton at lunchtime; stop here & there to photograph interesting
stuff ... you can get through all the really scary parts in daylight.

The Aspens are beautiful through-out the area ... which, come to think
of it, is probably why they designated it a scenic by-way.

Four to five hours actual drive time, but it takes all day & late into
the night if you want to take any time to enjoy the scenery. Plus the
time I was there they were resurfacing CO 145 between Rico & Dolores
which added considerable delay to the last leg of that journey.

If I ever do it again, I'll plan on visiting only sights in Colorado. I
had two weeks & my itinerary included Alamosa for the Great Sand Dunes,
Durango & Silverton, Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon North Rim & a visit with a
friend in Phoenix, AZ. Too much to see for me to devote as much time to
any of them as they deserved.

On 10/15/2016 9:39 PM, ann sanfedele wrote:
been on that road only once.. upfrom Durango, thorugh Ouray then headed
west down to La Salle Junction in Utah.  Kinda scary road. But I love those



On 10/15/2016 8:36 PM, Jack Davis wrote:
Thanks Ann!
Taken in the area of Lizard Head Pass on Hwy 550 between Ouray and


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On Oct 15, 2016, at 4:55 PM, ann sanfedele <> wrote:

nice one, Jack -- where is it?


On 10/15/2016 2:00 PM, Malcolm Smith wrote:
Jack Davis wrote:

I've posted this in square B&W Mamiya6, but ran across this "rusty"
version. Pls excuse the redundancy.
Shot in CO. in '06. with an ME Super.



Reminds me of my mountain bike route, but with more photographically
inclined trees. Good image.


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