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That would help, but only for the places where the train stops - amtrak
rail map and satelite view in google?

You could look at the times, interpolate between the stops and get a rough idea as to location. If it's 200 miles between stops, four hours on the schedule, and the photo was taken about an hour after leaving the station, then the photo was likely taken about 50 miles along the path.

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On August 6, 2017 11:51:31 AM PDT, ann sanfedele <>
I know where some of thsoe are taken :-)
The NY store is in Raton, NM near the rail station - for instance.

I've taken the train that the Coyles took - in 1956, and in 1983
get out an amtrak rail map, that will help

Or the schedule and look at the time stamps.

Larry Colen (postbox on min4est)

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