On 8/6/2017 21:01, Larry Colen wrote:

John Coyle wrote:
Thanks Rick and Ann.
I might get around to working out the approximate locations, if only
for my own benefit!
Larry's idea is the way I would go, but bear in mind I may have left
the camera on Australian time -
can't remember right now, but I will check.  So the only reliable
method is pinpointing a known
time, such as the stop at Raton, and work backwards and forwards from
there.  We were pretty much on
schedule the whole time, I think.

With about a 12 hour time zone difference, it should be pretty simple to
figure out which timezone the camera was set to.

You don't have to figure it out. It tells you in the EXIF what time zone
it's set to.

One problem with that method is trains don't run at a constant speed
from station to station. There are speed zones just like out on the
highways. You may have a stretch of 55mph followed by a 20mph stretch
when it goes through a congested area with lots of grade crossings.

OTOH, you don't need exact locations ... just knowing what state you
were in when the photo was taken should be enough to give an idea of
your surroundings.

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