thanks Ken! -- I'll assume that praise is not based on the square thumbnails on the smugmug page ;-)


On 10/6/2017 3:36 PM, Ken Waller wrote:
Very nice Ann, what I like the most is the fact that you've nicely isolated and zeroed in on the main subject in each image and have chosen to omit what could be distracting elements.

Kenneth Waller

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Subject: Re: Ann's Paris Book

Jack here is the smugmug page for it... with the link to my creatphotocalendars page where it is for sale

it isn't going away - I'll always have Paris


On 10/6/2017 7:02 AM, Jack Davis wrote:
I have to admit that I let the Paris
book come and go without taking
a look.
Feels like I missed something!
I. also feel your relief and satisfaction,
Ann. :)


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On Oct 6, 2017, at 1:18 AM, ann sanfedele <> wrote:

Thanks Paul, Dan and Bob - this was nice to read after I went to bed too early and now got up to get online just cause I couldnt sleep .  Hope you've convinced the masses - Har!

ann the happy

On 10/6/2017 2:21 AM, Bob W-PDML wrote:
So do I

On 6 Oct 2017, at 04:37, Daniel J. Matyola <> wrote:

I agree with Paul!

Dan Matyola

On Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 10:23 PM, Paul Stenquist <> wrote:

Wow! It's simply gorgeous. And so much more so in the. 12-inch version.
It's a treasure that every PDML member will want.

Paul via phone

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