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Seems rather stupid to me.

Yeah - Yashica made some fine cameras back in the day.  Now someone has bought
the rights to the name and is set on making it a laughing stock.  Or maybe I'm a
bit too old to appreciate this camera's coolness...

It will open up a market for artisanal hand crafted pixels.

It's interesting how in the video the same woman is both ostensibly the photographer and also the model. I really expected to see a guy with a hipster beard and a fixie bike. At least she had the hipster cigarette going.

The video did have the crappy artsy color balance. I noticed how it was all about the experience and not the image quality. I will note that the canisters do make the settings easier, since you can't worry about ISO etc. you don't have to worry about them. And there is a precedent for the lack of a screen, doesn't Leica do that on one of their cameras? They could advertise the same rear screen as a Leica that costs several times as much. I wonder what the point of the winder is? I guess just to replicate the film experience.

Snark aside, I have noticed that in many ways I much prefer the experience of shooting with a film camera. Photographing with my Argus is an entirely different experience than with my DSLRs. I haven't run a roll through a film SLR in ages, but being forced to think about everything in advance, and whether each press of the shutter is worth $1 does change the experience. Be that as it may, there are many reasons that I shoot digital and haven't gone back to film.

Larry Colen (postbox on min4est)

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