I'm going to say Vampire. The wings appear to taper on both the leading and 
trailing edges. The Venom looks to have tapered only on the leading edge.

Plus, in a Google image search only the Vampires appear to have those yellow 
bands outboard of the booms.

On 10/11/2017 20:21, John Coyle wrote:
I think they were actually from a De Havilland Venom - the wing profile is 
slightly different on the
two aircraft, with the Vampire having a less 'swept back' look than the Venom.  
Both aircraft were
in use by the Fleet Air Arm when I was a boy, and often seen on the south coast 
of England, where I
then lived.  The venom was a development of the Vampire, and shared many common 

John in Brisbane

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Saw these on a farm in Yorkshire. A chance for the experts to hazard an 
identification. Scroll L for
the other.


K5 with the DA 18-55

Alan C

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