So my father-in-law did a lot of photography and had a lot of gear. Many years 
ago I was visiting, I was doing some shots with my Pentax 645. He pulled out 
his Hasselblad and played with it a bit (but no shots.) I commented that I knew 
of an adapter would let me use his lenses on my camera. No comment from him.

Fast forward to today. When father-in-law passed away 7 years ago, his camera 
gear was distributed, with my brother-in-law getting the Hasselblad set to 
complement his own H gear.
I recently retrieved two of those lenses on a brief loan. 

The links below are to three shots. One each with Carl Zeiss 3.5/60mm, Carl 
Zeiss 4/150mm, and Pentax D-FA 24-70 @ 60.
All shot from the same tripod position, at f/8, 1/60 or 1/90sec, ISO100.

The Hasselblad (Zeiss) lenses were mounted on a Hasselblad-to-Pentax-645 
adapter which in turn was mounted on a 645-to-K adapter on a K-1.
I used two different K-1 bodies with slightly different settings so, to even 
things out, I used Lightroom to post process with Shady WB, Auto Tone. No 

CZ 4/150
CZ 3.5/60
D-FA 24-70 @ 60mm

Note that you can scroll sideways from one to another, no need to use the 
individual links…

I hope you enjoy this visual answer to a question you probably never thought to 

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