Yeah those little pipe clear figures fascinated me.. and if you saw exactly where they were hung it would even be more interesting... I figured they were made by one of the guys working construction.

Have to confess I'm not sure I -would- "love" the Basquiat.  I think it's good stuff, impressive, but too nightmarish - hard to take.. Wouldn't want it on my wall.  Best viewed on the small screen... I didn't know who he was until pretty recently, actually.   I prefer more serene stuff.


On 1/8/2018 6:01 PM, Bob W-PDML wrote:
The high-wire wire flyers on the high line havin' a fine time

There's a Basquiat exhibition on in London at the moment. Went to see it on 
Sunday - you'd love it, and maybe even recognise some of it. If it gets to NYC, 
if it hasn't already been and gone, go.


On 8 Jan 2018, at 22:19, ann sanfedele 
<<>> wrote:

ah - yes.. different time, different day -- couldnt decide which I preferred

The candlestick shot :-)

On 1/8/2018 4:45 PM, Marnie (aka Doe) wrote:
Take it back, in second shot building is all light up by sun.

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