Thanks, Jack.

I took several shots, of course, and some were more of the sunlight cacti isolated. I like the one with more things around it to show the detail around it. To show the details were in focus.

Your suggestion is interesting, because while I liked the bloom it does make it look like it might be out of focus.

Of course, I haven't shot that many back lit cacti before, so it was pretty experimental for me anyway.

Yes, debatable. Maybe I should play with it and see.


On 1/15/2018 2:57 PM, Jack Davis wrote:
Me too,  Marnie! I thought to read
more praise than I did.
If I may conjecture a bit, this is
certainly a reach and have nothing
at all to do with the list's response.
If the thorns were to be shaded slightly, possibly with the burn
tool, to reduce the thorn "bloom"
in favor reveling more actual thorn
detail would the more subtle effect
be preferable?

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