Jan van Wijk wrote:
The leaked specs at pentaxrumors.com look somewhat genuine to me.
And if true it is not a major upgrade:

  - 2 stops higher ISO up to 819200 (same as KP I guess)
  - improved high-ISO noise handling
  - Improved pixel-shift

Here's the link:

The Pentax K-1 Mark II camera will have PRIME IV 14-bit imaging processing chip with the original Accelerator Unit (a RICOH developed processing device) that effectively suppresses noise and reproduces fine-details with rich colors even at high ISO levels. The Accelerator Unit was first introduced in the Pentax K-70, followed by the Pentax KP and is now being introduced in the K-1 Mark II marking the 3rd generation.

Read more: https://pentaxrumors.com/2018/02/13/pentax-k-1-mark-ii-dslr-camera-detailed-specifications-leaked/#ixzz575yBylN6

No reason to upgrade my 3 months old K1 :)

Yup, only two stops better low light performance.

Although if that is just for processing JPEGS and not better raw performance, and they didn't improve any other performance significantly, then yeah, not very compelling.

Regards, JvW

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