Steve Cottrell wrote:

>On 12/2/18, ann sanfedele, discombobulated, unleashed:
>>Distracting?  - it's essential to the photo  - ordinary without it
>>I hope you were kidding
>Don't worry Ann, it's British humour.

Bob has it shipped in twice a month from China.

>Besides, what T ?

I should have been more subtle and named the photo "Public Alley 405".

By the way: For those who aren't familiar with Boston, that "T" sign
indicates public transport. Specifically the subway (which is part
subway trains that run underground and part subway/streetcar hybrid
that runs underground in the center of the city and above ground
farther out). I think it technically includes busses and the commuter
rail system but if you tell anyone in Boston "I'm taking the T" it
means you'll be traveling by subway.
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