Paul Stenquist wrote:
Thanks Larry. It looks about right in terms of black and white point on my 
computer monitor, which is calibrated, and my phone. But would love to hear 
what others see.

By way of explanation, not argument....

My comment isn't so much about black and white point, those look about right in terms of the nominal curve.

One possibility is that there isn't enough contrast at the bright end of the curve. Looking at the right quarter or third of the frame with the feeder and a little bit of the male(?) it seems like the histogram would be the nominal bell curve.

If I block off the feeder and look at the square formatted image (a rather different but as an aside still a nice composition), it looks like the bell curve is centered perhaps a stop brighter than the nominal curve. I would be interested to see if you would change the processing any for a crop that cut out most of the feeder.

Larry Colen (postbox on min4est)

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