a european/central asian migrant this time, the black-tailed godwit,
which is a near-threatened species according the IUCN.

there is a brackish water lake some 80 km out of chennai called pulicat
lake (the lake has a long history and has been mentioned by Ptolemy.
the tamil name is Pazhaverkadu and over the years it became pulicat (i
suspect the british had something to do with this ;)). the lake,
supposed to be about 759 sq. km., is a wintering ground for birds from
europe, siberia and even canada. colonies of migratory birds can be
seen in the mudflats and peat beds of the lake from december to roughly
around march end.

it is very late in the migratory season but were told by birding
friends that still quite a few birds with breeding plumage could be
seen. came away with a lot of photos and i think this is the best (or
the one i like best). a pair of black-tailed godwits, one of them in
breeding plumage.


comments, if any, are appreciated. 


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