A busy not-busy day on Sunday. I fitted one of the comfortable Sportour Garda 
GelFlow saddles like I've had on Sumo to the new Fatboy and did some final trim 
adjustments to the new Shimano XT handlebar controls. Then went off on a 16 
mile ride.

Dang, that Fatboy works well now! All the upgrades are in and properly tuned. 
It has the right gearing range, the new Shimano XT shifter and derailleur work 
brilliantly, and the Slate 4T brakes are fantastic. The seat is ultra 
comfortable, and the new bell rings sweetly. Absolutely delighted with the 
whole bicycle ...

Here I am about midway through the ride on Guadalupe River Trail, on the 
section under the various highway overpasses right near Adobe headquarters in 
downtown San Jose:


And yes: I do think the photo is pretty funny.

No matter where you go, there you are.

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