One mistake a decade is a record that would make me pretty proud.
For example, I have only just ordered my 2018 copy - and my 2017 copy, which I 
somehow managed to miss last year.

> On 13 May 2018 at 18:06 Mark Roberts <> wrote:
> I apologise in advance for getting pages 10 and 11 swapped - totally
> my fault and not Blurb's. I may correct it in the future but Blurb's
> policies require that I re-order a copy of each book (both paperback
> and hardcover) after re-uploading the entire file for each. Oh yes,
> and the URL's for each will change, too.
> In the meantime, all the photos did actually make it into the book and
> if I do make the correction in the future you'll have a valuable
> collectors item when I do. ;-)
> -- 
> Mark Roberts - Photography & Multimedia

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