I spent a good hour going through the Annual this afternoon and it is a 
stunning range of work by some very talented photographers. Lovely design by 
Mark, it has to be said. Can't believe it's 10 years since the first.

But the star of the show are the photographs and there is not one dud amongst 
them - and nor would I expect them to be. The standard is very high indeed. 
There's always one or two that pop out at you on first glance, but actually, 
when taking the time to go through and look carefully, the detail is in the 
looking. Absolutely superb.

Made me want to gor through and do a page by page critique (as I once did - 
what year was that??) but I just don't have time - we are moving house and 
there is so much to do.

Incidentally if anyone knows someone looking for a cute little English cottage 
on the edge of the Cotswolds, here is the link:


I need to go through the Annual again with a bottle of wine and really look at 
the pictures properly.

Stunned. And also a little sad that some of our best snappers aren't in due to 
lack of Pentax gear. Maybe worth pressing an old Pentax lens into service on 
those Leicas and Fujis eh? If Chris Mitchell can figure it out..... ;-)

Well done all, you should be proud.

And you Adam Montoya, that image of the hand is outstanding.



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