Thanks Jostein, Bruce, Jack and Paul for the kind words. I particularly appreciate the conversation I had with Ann about empowerment. I understand why the photo with rope made her uneasy, and it is very important that discussions happen when things that could be seen as disempowering are shown. While we may differ on specifics, I think that we are in wholehearted agreement of the goal that each person be empowered to make their own choices no matter what the cultural norms may be.

Larry Colen wrote on 6/10/18 11:58 AM:
A couple weeks ago I met Talecia at a party. She had such an amazing smile I *had* to photograph her. Fortunately she was easy to convince, and even better has an amazing presence in front of the camera. Our favorite photo from the set was actually taken while joking around between poses:

K-1, FA 80-200, black backdrop with gelled strobes on it for color.
Softbox key to the left, gridded horizontal striplight to the right for fill.

She loves B&W photography, so I did a bunch of them in black and white, which are at the end of the set. For those that want to see more of this lovely lady the full set is at:

Warning, a couple of the photos are borderline NSFW

Larry Colen 

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