lovely photo, the personality comes through....


On Sun, 10 Jun 2018 11:58:48 -0700
Larry Colen <> wrote:

> A couple weeks ago I met Talecia at a party. She had such an amazing 
> smile I *had* to photograph her. Fortunately she was easy to
> convince, and even better has an amazing presence in front of the
> camera. Our favorite photo from the set was actually taken while
> joking around between poses:
> K-1, FA 80-200, black backdrop with gelled strobes on it for color.
> Softbox key to the left, gridded horizontal striplight to the right
> for fill.
> She loves B&W photography, so I did a bunch of them in black and
> white, which are at the end of the set.  For those that want to see
> more of this lovely lady the full set is at:
> Warning, a couple of the photos are borderline NSFW

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