Darren,there are some issues with this idea indeed. but I'm willing to try.

calibration is performed by rolling the unit on 3 axes, isn't it? IF the communication between O-GPS and camera works through the extension, maybe rolling the connected unit before attaching to the telescope is possible. the reverse position of the image and how the sensor should move to keep proper framing is something I didn't think about until now - IMO a test is the best way to see what will happen. maybe the communication fails with the cable.

anyway, since I don't have the telescope right now, I'm going for the O-GPS1 - and adding a TTL extension just to see what happens. even the smaller tracking time of the O-GPS will be an improvement to what I can do today - should allow me to lower the ISO and get cleaner images.

Thank you for the comments - will post any results, later. even receiving "imported goods" here in Brasil is a challenge.

luiz felipe
luiz.felipe at luizfelipe.fot.br

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any toughts?
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Your TTL idea would be unnecessary on a refractor, so you must be thinking
of using a Newtonian design. In that case I don?t think it would work
because the image is reversed. I think the program in the O-GPS would be designed to shift the sensor in only one direction (the one that work with
ordinary camera lenses of a refractor-sort of design). Not sure though.

Also, keep in mind that the maximum exposure time possible with the
O-GPS/AstroTrack gets shorter and shorter as the focal length gets longer. A shorter exposure time with a longer focal ratio is the opposite of what
you want for catching photons in astrophotography.

Darren Addy

luiz felipe
luiz.felipe at luizfelipe.fot.br

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