John Sessoms wrote:

>Yeah, I just thought it was funny that my tent apparently got there several 
>years before I did. 8^)

I think the tent in the photo belongs to Scott Loveless. He was
definitely there that year.

>On 7/7/2018 18:34, ann sanfedele wrote:
>> I was there in 2007 .. when Dave said "another from..."� after Mark posted 
>> the 
>> photo with me in it , I figured it was brooksie typo time� - I wasn there 
>> in
>> 2004, 2005 and 2007. also, I recognize the clothes being worn in 2007.
>> ann
>> On 7/7/2018 5:21 PM, John Sessoms wrote:
>>> That looks like my tent behind Nico, and it's set up just about where I 
>>> usually set it up but GFM 2007 would be before I even joined the list. I 
>>> had 
>>> Pentax cameras, but I wasn't yet a Pentaxian.
>>> My first time there was 2009.
>>> On 7/6/2018 22:07, Mark Roberts wrote:
>>>> Left to right: Doug Brewer, Nico Reinbold, Dave Brooks, Annsan
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