I'll think about it. I don't watch much TV. I've looked at Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, Hulu and other streaming services. There's not enough there that I'm interested in watching to justify the cost. I just don't see the benefit of paying to access content I'm not going to view.

When the next season of NCIS comes on I'll be able to get the current season on a DVD set. I'll watch it then.

I can already get Doctor Who from use-net.

I'd like to see the Dorothea Lang episode, but I can't think of much of anything else on TV I'm interested in.

On 7/8/2018 20:26, Stanley Halpin wrote:

On Jul 8, 2018, at 11:50 AM, John Sessoms <johnsess...@yahoo.com> wrote:

I'd have to buy a new television and subscribe to cable-TV.

I live in a valley where there is NO over-the-air reception. All of the local
TV stations are blocked by terrain (except for the Talibangelical Network).

If I can't watch a TV program on my computer I just have to do without.

John, I am a “sustaining member” of a local PBS station. I give them my card
#, they take a modest amount every month. In exchange for which I receive a PBS
Passport. Which allows me to watch current and archived programs online. Which
means that, if you have a computer, yes you too can watch PBS shows… Might be
worth looking into.


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