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 you had the right kit for cat


On 9/14/2018 5:23 PM, Steve Cottrell wrote:
Well it's not my cat, but he happened to be strolling along the fence outside 
my office window and I was fooling with the A*85/1.4 so I nabbed him.

My son had been using this lens with an EF adapter and no spring and detent 
ball in, so providing 'clickless' iris for video use. He hasn't used it in a 
while, and I dug it out from the bowels of his kit drawers and assessed it for 
stills use again. Raided my parts bins and found a couple of detent balls and a 
spring, so set about installing the clicks in the aperture ring again. Good job 
I had two balls as the first, despite my concentrated efforts to retain it as 
it slid under the [reinstalling] ring, blasted into orbit! The second one made 
it home though and the lens is once again as it should be - albeit minus the 
aperture lever which I had Dremelled off years ago. Clean it up and was testing 
when the cat came along just at the right moment. Three shots off before he 
spooked and bolted, this was the best. Very slight crop left and bottom. Out of 
cam jpeg (as I do all my pics) with levels and sharpening. Lens wide open. 
Forgotten how much I love this glass, even though it acts like twice the focal 
length on my MFT camera. Will be great for head shots at gigs we'll be going to 
soon. More to come.

Olympus Pen F + Pentax SMC-A*85/1.4 at 1/50th sec, wide open, ISO 200.

ann sanfedele photography

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