Thanks, Bill

 I can't blame the lens though - I can't focus with my Pentax primes either... that is -- I think it is in focus but when I put the image in
photoshop it is clear that it isn't...

But I did figure it wasn't a very good lens... if I sell them I think I'll just bundle with the camera and say untestedand get what I can.


On 10/1/2018 9:03 PM, Bill wrote:
On 10/1/2018 5:59 PM, ann sanfedele wrote:
I had hoped what my friend gave me to sell were Pentax lenses, but alas, they are Star- D lenses for Pentax  a 28mm f.28 and a 135 f2.8

I'm taking some shots with them on my K-5 butsince I can't focus manually very well (to say the least!) not sure itis helpful.

anyone have experiece with them?


If you can't focus a Star-D lens it may not be your fault. We sold something similar back in the mid 80s at Astral Photo under our house brand "Image". They were made in South Korea when that country was industrializing. IIRC, the 135/28 kit was sold for something like C$80.00, or less if you bought it as part of a kit with an SLR. They were contemporaneous with the Hyundai Pony and were about as good a lens as the Pony was a car.
To be fair, they didn't rust out as fast as the Pony.
They were not a particularly good lens.

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