Interesting article, I'm about to forward your post to a couple of friends who I'm sure would enjoy it. I particularly appreciate that you ended it with a shag.

Subash Jeyan wrote on 10/10/18 1:45 AM:
some of you may know that i worked as a features editor with one of the
oldest newspapers in english in india (about 140 years old). i have, of
course, written articles before but most of them tended to be on literary
subjects: reviews of books, interview with authors and so on. about six
years ago i sought an internal transfer to one of the organisation's
political fortnightly magazines and this is the first article i am writing
for them.

it's on a bird sanctuary in kerala, india. and it is rather long....and
though pentax was involved, the strong point of the article is not its
photographs, as i have explained in the article. hence, in the print
version/online version i have included photographs taken in a hide by a
friend of mine, who, alas, uses a nikon...

my photographs were taken with the k5iis and the FA*300/4.5 (which i had
borrowed from a friend of mine).

i'd like to hear your comments/feedback...


Larry Colen 

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