When I got a trashcan mac I also got an OWC thunderbolt 2 external drive bay to 
go with it.  Unfortunately, not only is it a bit loud, but when I use it as 
thunderbolt rather than USB it has a tendency to disconnect from my mac, so 
that I'm constantly getting warnings about missing drives etc.

Rather than investing in another external T-bolt bay, I want to get a USB-C 
external drive bay, and just use a T-bolt to USB-C adapter.  USB-C cables are a 
lot less expensive, and I'll be able to use it with newer machines.  

I don't need RAID. At the moment my backup strategy uses multiple copies of 
JBOD drives.  I don't mind it being something that would allow me to switch to 
RAID later, or I'll just invest in a newer NAS when it's time to retire my 
older Synology.  

My main archive is large enough that I don't want to hang multiple external 
drives off my computer.

I need at least two drive bays, three or more would be better.

Does anyone have experience with a good, quiet, preferably inexpensive, USB-C 
external drive enclosure?

Larry Colen
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