> On Jan 1, 2024, at 8:55 PM, Larry Colen <l...@red4est.com> wrote:
> I'm running Lightroom Classic 13.  Over on the left side there is a "Folders" 
> panel, with the highest level of hierarchy being the hard drives. I've got 
> three drives Mac SSD, photo_ba, and photo_bb.  The problem is that whenever I 
> change something on one of the drives, it's position in the panel moves to 
> the top. So, while I'm going through, cleaning up my catalog, moving folders 
> from the primary drive to the longer term storage, the order of the drives in 
> the panel keeps shifting around.  My google fu is just not strong enough to 
> figure out how to get it to JUST STOP THAT. 

Edit, it's even worse than that, it will also collapse the display of a drive 
when it makes a change. So things keep changing out from under me, and moving 
around, often when I'm trying to move a folder to them.

Arrrgghhhh!  Why do they insist on having software "help" me, when I don't ask 
it to?

Larry Colen
l...@red4est.com.   sent from Mirkwood

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