Hmm. I have, at present, three physical volumes comprising the media that LR 
Classic 13.1 has imported original files from in that list in the Folders 
panel. They never change place on the Folders panel.

The reason for this is probably because, when I set them up, I drilled down 
through the directory hierarchy on the volumes to the root of the photo storage 
directory trees and then told LR to "Hide Parent Directory" on all folder 
hierarchies above (or below, per your perspective) that point. So I don't see, 
in LR, all the other directories on the volumes; only the entire directory of 
original image files starting at its local root. Any other directory/file 
manipulations on these volumes is therefore invisible to LR Classic, and cannot 
reorder the placement of the volumes in the Folders listing. There's no need to 
see the entire directory tree structure of the import volumes, only the 
directory trees from which you have imported files, which should always have a 
single root.. that's my logic behind setting it up this way. 

That's my conjecture anyway. Try it. :D 


> On Jan 1, 2024, at 8:59 PM, Larry Colen <> wrote:
>> On Jan 1, 2024, at 8:55 PM, Larry Colen <> wrote:
>> I'm running Lightroom Classic 13.  Over on the left side there is a 
>> "Folders" panel, with the highest level of hierarchy being the hard drives. 
>> I've got three drives Mac SSD, photo_ba, and photo_bb.  The problem is that 
>> whenever I change something on one of the drives, it's position in the panel 
>> moves to the top. So, while I'm going through, cleaning up my catalog, 
>> moving folders from the primary drive to the longer term storage, the order 
>> of the drives in the panel keeps shifting around.  My google fu is just not 
>> strong enough to figure out how to get it to JUST STOP THAT.
> Edit, it's even worse than that, it will also collapse the display of a drive 
> when it makes a change. So things keep changing out from under me, and moving 
> around, often when I'm trying to move a folder to them.
> Arrrgghhhh!  Why do they insist on having software "help" me, when I don't 
> ask it to?
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