I've been dealing all weekend with not being able to upload a picture to 
flickr.  It turns out that it is only the latest version that won't upload, and 
is some sort of pathological interaction between lightroom and flickr, such 
that the jpeg lightroom produces won't even upload.
FWIW, it's an old HDR panorama that I just reprocessed using the much more 
capable latest version of lightroom:

I had been getting some feedback on processing it from my photo email list.

While I was out at the milonga last night I got an email from flickr customer 
support about that, and also a text from my landlord that he had replaced my 
thermostat (as I had asked) but didn't have batteries and would return. I told 
Bing, no problem, I had batteries and could do it myself.

So, of course things didn't just work.  At least not until I dropped it on the 
floor, and also fiddled with the batteries and scraped the connector pins.  Not 
a critical problem, but a pain in the but after 10PM when I wanted to get ready 
for bed.  

After that, I went into the office to try to debug the flickr problem, and also 
send a file off to bay photo to get a print made.  While I was dealing with 
that I got a text from Zab of water in the glasses cupboard in Felton. We had 
had some minor issues with water coming in from the outside roof, and running 
down the inside roof (Santa Cruz mountains house) and coming out over the 
outside stairs. Now water was coming into the house.  That is a problem that I 
couldn't just postpone dealing with.

I finally got all of those issues sufficiently dealt with that I could go to 
bed, much later than I intended, and after much searching etc. realized that I 
had left my tablet at the diner after lunch.  I suspect that when they cleaned 
up while I was in the loo, they thought I left and had just put it under the 
counter.  I was able to get it back today at lunch, but it was just another 
item on the pile of peeves last night.  I'll add to that the peeve that this is 
the second time my tablet has been left at a restaurant, and nobody noticed the 
sticker on the back with my name and phone number.  

I've spent all day dealing with the roof leak from 400 miles away, it could 
possibly just be duff that had piled up behind the skylight.  I'll find out 
later I suppose.

I really don't need shit like this while on a big crunch at work.

Larry Colen
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